Rock and Quarry Hauling with the GT Radial GT876

Rock and Quarry Hauling with the GT Radial GT876

The Hillis Group LLC, a two-generation trucking company in Rock Island, TN, gave GT Radial a try a few years ago when the economy was tanking and every penny counted.

As the regional fleet found out, an attractive acquisition price is only one of many GT Radial attributes -- the trucking firm is still riding on GT Radial tires today!

As Hillis Group President and Owner Stan Hillis explained, "We started using GT Radial when the economy was in bad shape, and we were looking to keep costs under control. Since one of our most severe lines of operation is rock and quarry hauling, we decided to start using the GT876 due to its excellent price and strong appearance."

Hillis added, “After two years of continued use, the GT876 has demonstrated a great overall performance with excellent wear life, high resistance to irregular wear, and high resistance to cuts and damages. A really good performing tire! We will continue to use this and other GT Radial products."

Designed for heavy front axles, the all-wheel position GT876 radial provides exceptional service in on/off highway and heavy haul applications. The tire’s wide footprint provides maximum flotation, while a special cut and chip compound helps resist cutting and tearing. The GT876’s aggressive tread pattern contributes to outstanding traction, and the depth of the tread helps extend tread life.

The Hillis Group, with almost 115 trucks and more than 120 trailers and platforms, actually encompass four companies, each delivering different services including tree nursery hauling, rock hauling and general LTL.

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