Fuel Efficiency

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Vehicles need to consume fuel to overcome driving resistance since fuel is the only power source
Therefore, Driving Resistance mus be reduced in order to save fuel.

Vehicle Driving Resistance Includes:

1. Inertia

When a vehicle changes motion, it must overcome the inertia force which depends on the value of the vehicle acceleration and weight.

2. Gravity

This is an inevitable natural force.

3. Air Resistance

This is primarily related to the vehicle’s aerodynamics, such as streamlined body design.

4. Mechanical Friction

This friction is inevitable and comes from the mechanical parts of the vehicle such as engine gear box, bearings, and brakes.

5. Tire Rolling Resistance – Driving Resistance That Is Ignored

Most people tend to ignore the 5th driving resistance – tire rolling resistance. However, it is actually the 3rd largest resistance that affects fuel consumption. When a truck in good condition is traveling at a speed of 80 km/h on a paved road, under standard load and pressure, about 26% of its power is used to overcome the tires’ rolling resistance. Therefore, the effect of tire rolling resistance on fuel consumption cannot be ignored.

Low Rolling Resistance = Low Fuel Consumption
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With each rotation of the wheel, the tire becomes deformed due to the load. Since both the rubber and internal air are flexible, the tire will be subject to repeated compression and expansion when rolling. All these processes need to consume a certain amount of energy. Part of which is converted into heat and increases the tire temperature. This loss of energy is known as tire rolling resistance.

Silica helps lower rolling resistance

A tire’s rolling resistance can be controlled!
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1. Choose Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Advanced formula, structure, and pattern design lowers rolling resistance.

2. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

3. Maintain Proper Wheel Alignment

Giti Doctor Advice: avoid overloading to increase tire life
and improve fuel efficiency
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Giti Tire provides diverse tire solutions to meet the needs of various road conditions and driving habits for the domestic commercial vehicle market.
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FS: FS: Indicates Fuel Saving Tire

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay certification test results showed: Gitis’s low rolling resistance tires, GDL 617FS, GSL 213FS, and GTL 922FS can effectively reduce NOx emissions and save at least 3% fuel.

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