Major Australian Retreading Company Finds Giti Tire Stands Up to Premium Competitors

Brook’s Retreading is a well-known and successful commercial tire retreading company, serving the market for more than 40 years. With such long experience, they are experts in the retreading process and identifying durability and quality of truck and bus tires.

After using Giti Tire products, Brook’s was highly satisfied with the tires’ quality and retreadability. In particular, they noted the very low rejection rate during the re-manufacturing process and the fact that the tires compete very well with much higher priced top-tier brands.

In developed markets like Australia with long road routes and demanding customers, tire quality and value is of the upmost importance and heavily scrutinized. The fact that Giti Tire is able to succeed in quality, service, and retreadability is a testament to the dedication put into both the tire construction itself, as well as the after-sale support to make the tires last as long as possible.

“ We have no hesitation to encourage the re-treading of GT Radial products. Furthermore, we can state that in our experience, there is very little difference in the re-tread acceptance or repairs required for GT Radial versus other premium brands. “

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