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Hong Kong’s Largest Bus Fleet Rides on Giti Tires

Kowloon Motor Bus Company is Hong Kong’s largest bus company with nearly 4,000 single and double decker buses operating more than 400 bus lines to cover Hong Kong’s Kowloon District, New Territories District, race track, airport, and other crowded routes. Hong Kong not only has one of the world’s most complicated city traffic system filled with leveled and hilly roads, but also has a high density of bus stations with frequent stops which require superior tire performance.

In 2012, Kowloon Motor Bus Company first conducted a trial with 300 Giti GT867 tires. After a year of tough road tests on six different road conditions including highways, leveled ground, and hills, the Giti GT867’s stable performance, excellent mileage, cost efficiency, and low failure rate won praises from the entire fleet. In 2013, Giti Tire won the tender to supply Kowloon Motor Bus Company with a significant proportion of Giti GT867 tires and develop two tire specifications of the Giti GT867 customized for the fleets’ upgraded vehicles. Giti Tire also established a dedicated R&D, sales, and after sales service team to regularly check on tire usage in order to recommend correct maintenance measures, ensure operation safety, and improve tire life.

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“According to our actual needs, Giti has tailored a new size of 305/70R22.5 for GT867, and updated the design of the original 295/80R22.5 specifications in terms of the pattern, groove depth, and other aspects. Whether it is at a high speeds, on flat roads, or on ramps, we are very satisfied with GT867’s stable performance and excellent mileage records.”

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