Food & Beverage Transport

Pepsi is Transported throughout Lebanon by Giti Tire

Modern Transportation and Maintenance Company was founded in 1998. It operates in the field of maintenance and transport. It consists of around 250 employees and is one of the important clients of Pepsi Co.

As Pepsi is leading global food and drink manufacturer, they will only trust top companies like MTM. And MTM must provide the upmost transportation services, including with its tires. With Modern Transportation and Maintenance having a 15+ year partnership with Giti Tire, it is clear that its tires have the consistency and quality to so the job.

“The 825/16 Primewell tire is appropriate to the nature of our work, among the different types of tires”, stated a company representative. “In addition, the services provided from your side are good for us.”

Implemented Tire


This classic all-position pattern has strong damage resistance.

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Implemented Tire


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