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European Logistics Fleet Chooses Giti Tire After Extensive Testing

In 15 years, Spain-based Quijote Logistics has expanded from three trucks to a fleet of 69 vehicles through hard work, enthusiasm, and smart business decisions. Even in challenging economic conditions, the company has evolved to address various needs and continue growth. Quijote now transports a variety of goods both nationally and internationally, as well as support for music tours, large meetings and events, towing and other services.

When given the opportunity to try GT Radial tires for their fleet, Quijote’s priority was identifying tires of both great quality and a strong value that could keep costs down. After the full testing period with the GTL919 and experiencing the service that Giti Tire offers, Quijote was strongly satisfied with the tires. “After a testing period, we can say that GT Radial products have one of the best quality/price ratio on the market today. With the use of GT Radial tires, we are sure we will get the best price per kilometer”, the company commented.

Giti Tire is proud to supply a large number of fleets throughout Europe. By providing top quality tires at a great value, the company strives to allow fleets to meet and exceed their goals and expectations.

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