Haulage Operators

U.K. Hauling Specialists Select Giti Tire for Reliability and Value

Open pits, mines, and quarries have very challenging terrain, and at the same time, require highly mechanized and cost intensive operations. They need tires that can thrive while continually operating under the most arduous of conditions.

G. Webb Haulage Ltd. carries a wide range of materials in bulk, specializing in the haulage and disposal of all types of contaminated soils and waste. Established in 1947, the company has grown over the years to become a leader in offering transport solutions. In 2014, G. Webb continued to utilize Giti Tire’s offerings, taking delivery of its second and third Renault Range C 8x4 tippers, fitting the GDM686 paired with the GSR225.

When asked about the the company’s tire selection process, David Webb explained:
“We carried out evaluation trials with tires against our main premium brand choice of tire. After extensive testing with the GDM686 drive tire, they are now our first choice drive axle fitment. The tire has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective answer to control ever increasing costs.”

G. Webb is one of many fleet companies throughout the United Kingdom that continue to spread the word that partnering with Giti Tire can deliver improved value, whilst being supported by personalized service.

Implemented Tire


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Implemented Tire


A directional deep tread drive axle pattern that is specialized for durability in mixed service and on/off road application.

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