Hazardous Materials Transport

Giti Tire Works with Cotranscopetrol to Combat Major Obstacles in Transporting Crude Oil

Unpaved road conditions make the crude oil hauling business a demanding challenge for all truck tires. Giti launched a solution with the GT659+, proven in Cotranscopetrol’s operation.

COTRANSCOPETROL is a 16 year experienced fuel and lube hauling company in Colombia. They have been ranked as part of the top 10 largest heavy truck companies since the last century. Beginning with a focus on crude oil in the east region of Colombia, they launched their hauling operations across the country. Huge oil wells demand a great number of new vehicles, with durability to withstand the long and harsh roads from long distance travel points.

Testing Vechicles 9 Year 2012
Testing Tires 72 Pull Tread 3.0 mm
Size 295/80R22.5 16PR Retreading Rate 48%
Position Drive GT Radial pattern GT659+
Brand Cost/km USD Cents
GT Radial 0.48
Brand A 0.50
Brand B 0.60
Implemented Tire


A directional block pattern tire that provides a high level of wear and traction performance in regional applications.

Additional Findings

* The tires’ reinforced bead structureensured extra casing resistance against bead damage during high climb operation.

* A strengthened four belt arrangement casing (shown to the left) boosted the retreading rate up to 48% of all tires in their operation, compared to the previous 35% average. This strongly improved the overall cost per kilometer range.

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