Industrial Operations

Concrete Transporter Takes Advantage of Tire Quality and Value

Concrete Plus is a producer and transporter of ready-mixed concrete, delivering it through locations throughout Lebanon. With more than 30 vehicles consistently in service, the company has been utilizing Giti Tire products for more than three years. As the trucks transport a building material that needs to keep consistent and efficient transportation, a consistent and durable tire is necessary to keeping deliveries on time and with the upmost safety.

Among the reasons for continuing to use Giti Tire as its tire provider are the quality, value, and cost-effectiveness of the tires. In particular, the company utilizes the 13R22.5 PW01 and 13R22.5 PW605 options on its applications.

Implemented Tire


Deeper grooves and reinforced design allow for great performance of this mixed service drive tire

Implemented Tire


This classic all-position pattern has strong damage resistance

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