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Giti Tire Selected By Leader in China Automobile Logistics

Anji Auto Logistics Co., Ltd, affiliated to SAIC, is a leader in the China automotive logistics business, providing haulage service to auto parts manufacturers. It has eight branches with around 6,500 vehicles. More than 6.6 million cars for sale were transported by Anji in 2015, with total mileage over 5 billion kilometers. All of this travel creates a huge demand for tires. Meanwhile, to ensure transport efficiency and safety, Anji Logistics requires top tire quality.

On September 8th, 2015, Giti won the public bidding of Anji Logistics after fierce competition, with GAL series products chosen to integrate into the fleet. After utilizing, the purchase head for Anji Logistics commented,“Giti Tire has a professional fleet service team. The tires are recommended by vehicle model, road conditions, application environment, and more. Giti also inspects the tire application regularly at our site, providing maintenance tips, which helps improve the efficiency and stability of our vehicle operation. Excellent products, performance/price ratio, and reliable technical service guarantee our final choice of using Giti.”

Implemented Tire


A long-haul, all-position tire that brings superior traction and great mileage.

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Implemented Tire


Excellent Mileage. Outstanding Wear-Resistance. Superior Handling and Driving. Comfort.

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