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Major Delivery Company Finds Success Through New Giti Partnership

With the rapid development of e-commerce in china, the courier industry has grown significantly in recent years. With so many vehicles delivering packages in this fast-paced environment, it is vital to have quality tires that can withstand all types of driving conditions.

Giti Tire’s commercial truck and bus tires have the characteristics needed to service these demands, and it is demonstrated through the satisfaction of the company’s clients. For example, YTO Express is one of the largest delivery companies in China, with more than 20,000 delivery centers, 30,000 operating vehicles, and 220,000 employees. Giti Tire recently became a provider of tires to YTO, supplying GSL213, PAR537, and PAL517 patterns based on the vehicle’s needs. This cooperation has helped YTO Express realize success through Giti’s advantages of durability, abrasion resistance, and fuel savings.

In particular, maintaining correct tire pressure and other tire knowledge is very important to a company with so many vehicles. Fortunately, Giti Tire provides the knowledge and service to partners, so that they can best understand their tires and how to maintain them. Through great quality products and services, Giti Tire is proud to service some of the world’s most successful and fast growing companies, such as YTO Express.

Implemented Tire


An exceptional All-new Long Haul Steer tire with advanced compound technology for outstanding overall performance, resistance to irregular wear, and long mileage.

Implemented Tire


Implemented Tire


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