Industrial Operations

Giti Helps European Construction and Demolition Company Find Success

Van Damme R. Group VDRT is a well-established, Belgium-based excavation and demolition work company, away providing necessary industrial services. In their business, the quality of the work is a focus, and depends on all aspects of their company, including tires. By constantly investing in people, technology and resources, the company sets the tone to have success in our services.

Since using GDM686 steer and trailer position tires, the group has found great success and satisfaction with the tires, and were pleasantly surprised at the durability and lifespan of the tires, even compared to higher priced and more famous competitors.


“We are very satisfied with the tires. They are better than the known premium brand we use, and have a preferential price. In addition to the regular monitoring and the very rapid response when we need them, we have an excellent relationship with the representative to provide focus on our company.”
Implemented Tire


A directional deep tread drive axle pattern that is specialized for durability in mixed service and on/off road application.

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