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Peruvian Fleet Finds Great Value and Safety with Giti Tire

TRANSPORTES NACIONALES S.A. (TRANSA) is a very experienced company, focused in providing comprehensive inland transportation solutions, in addition to deployment for mining and construction projects.

TRANSA has specialized and trained personnel to offer efficient and high quality service under safe conditions. They also have a diverse fleet park that matches the different requirements of its customers. By this way they drive their mission: “Our customer's satisfaction from different economic segments, supplying their requests and demands”.

With Giti Tire's offerings, TRANSA has been able to achieve their mission, by giving great safety, durability, and mileage to their fleet. This value has help achieve the company continue to succeed and deliver on any type of challenge.


“ We hereby testify that our trucks fit GT Radial tires under size 425/65R22.5 and pattern GT876, having satisfactory results for our continuous purpose of management for fees reduction. We used to fit tires in the past from recognized brands and a few under new brand for testing purpose, but however the MILEAGE obtained by GT Radial, but also its COST PER KILOMETER and RETREAD ABILITY, made us to take the decision to this option, having now a share of around 80% in our fleet by this brand.”
– Maintenance Manager at TRANSA S.A.
Implemented Tire


Deeper grooves and reinforced design allow for great performance of this mixed service drive tire

Implemented Tire


This classic all-position pattern has strong damage resistance

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