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Giti Tire Helps Mixed Earthworks Contractor Maximize Great Value in Tough Terrains

With nearly 70 years of experience, Thompsons of Prudhoe understands the needs of the earthworks in demolition business. In fact, the company is the leader in their specialty in the North UK.

When testing Giti Tire's products, they sought durability and cost per kilometer value as key requirements in their selection process. After 12 months of testing, they were pleasantly surprised by Giti Tire's service and quality, and found a reduction in tire cost after implementing. Just a important, they reported less tire damage, leading to reduced downtime and more time to focus on their industry strengths.

Implemented Tire


Designed for truck that travels on short to medium distance, on/off road operating condition such as mixed service truck, dump truck, rigid truck, cement mixer, garbage truck.

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