Industrial Operations

Giti Tire Moves Oil Rigs Through the Toughest of Desert Conditions

Technical Transport Center is based in Oman, and has a fleet size of more than 100 vehicles that focus on transporting land-based oil and gas drilling rigs. This includes throughout the deserts of Oman, where temperatures can soar to over 50 degrees Celsius, and terrains are extremely tough. With the very sensitive products that the fleet carries, a dedication to safety is one of the most important aspects to the company’s successful operation.

In choosing Giti Tires, they have found a strong combination of value, durability, and safety. “In our experience, Primewell tires have shown substantial quality and resistance to wear and tear compared to our previous experience with prominent international brands”, stated George M. Gijo, Asst. Divisional Manager at the company. “The excellent performance to price ratio and superior quality, combined with dedicated after sales service support has ensured Primewell’s partnership within our operations.”

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