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Major Saudi Arabia Fuel Transport Company Focuses on Quality and Safety

SAK Transport was started in 1992, and has become a leading fuel transport company throughout Saudi Arabia. With more than 77 fuel tankers and many important delivery partners, safety and quality is of the upmost performance. Tires are a major component of this, and they are not able to compromise on selecting a low-quality tire.

Based on the reputation of Primewell tires from Giti, the fleet has run PW902+ 385/65R22.5 on Trailers and PW622+ on Drive axles to good success. They have found that due to the performance and durability of Primewell, their tire costs have “significantly come down”. They have also seen tire damage reduced in their vehicles using the tires, which helps save the company both time and money, that they can focus more on their core business focuses.

Implemented Tire


Implemented Tire


A directional block pattern tire that provides a high level of wear reduction and traction performance in regional applications.

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