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British City Bus Transporter Finds Giti Tire Performs Well in Testing

Nottingham City Transport operates a bus system transporting passengers throughout the UK city. Following a two-year project to maximize return-on-investment, Giti Tire has been selected for further use for its successful qualities.

During testing, the GAU861 tires in size 275/70R22.5 were utilized on both steer and drive axles across the entire Scania chassis fleet, which includes both single and double deck bus bodies in 4x2 configurations.

Graham Smith, Engineering Manager for Nottingham City Transport, said: “When we were considering our options the key attributes were mileage, wear-rate and comfort versus cost, and the GAU861 has ultimately proven itself to be a very good all-position tire with excellent feedback from the drivers themselves. In addition, the value-added services have been exceptional, five mechanics have been through the Giti Training Course and all orders are delivered next-day. Overall I am delighted with both the product and the company.”

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“According to our actual needs, Giti has tailored a new size of 305/70R22.5 for GT867, and updated the design of the original 295/80R22.5 specifications in terms of the pattern, groove depth, and other aspects. Whether it is at a high speeds, on flat roads, or on ramps, we are very satisfied with GT867’s stable performance and excellent mileage records.”

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