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Trading Company Keeps its Goods Moving with Giti Tire

George Mouanes & Co. Trading Company is a Lebanese-based operation that utilizes its Mercedes VM0 vehicles as an integral part of its daily business. Its trucks log a significant 70,000-90,000km each year, meaning that longevity and quality of tires can make a major difference in the company’s operating cost.

Since testing Giti Tire’s Primewell products more than 7 years ago, the fleet continues to be a loyal partner. “Primewell tires run for a long time, without causing any issues or problems” mentioned an executive of the company when explaining why they continue to trust Giti Tire. In addition to the quality of the 12.00R24 PW01 and PW605 tires that the fleet uses, Giti Tire also provides the tools and service to help to further maximize the value and longevity of its tires.

Implemented Tire


Deeper grooves and reinforced design allow for great performance of this mixed service drive tire

Implemented Tire


This classic all-position pattern has strong damage resistance

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