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Pakistan’s Largest Vehicle Transportation Service Company Relies on Giti Tire

Since the 1980’s, Al-Burhan Transport Company has achieved a renowned popularity for its vehicle Transportation Services. Presently Al-Burhan is the largest vehicle Transportation Service provider of Pakistan. Al-Burhan holds a speciality in the transportation of all sorts of vehicles from a light type car to heavy type bus, and its clients include Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and other leading auto manufacturers.

A recently joined customer of Giti Tire, Al-Burhan has so far seen positive results with its use of the GT879 pattern in 11.00R20 size. The tires are able to consistantly withstand the heavy bearing loads of the automobiles that the fleet carries. The company’s Operations Manager noted that the tires have a good service life without premature failures, and prompt after sales service, all of which are top criteria for them in selecting tires. “Thank you for a favorable first year in business together, and we look forward to many more to come!” the company representative stated.

Implemented Tire


Premium steer and all position axle for wide range of truck, light truck, bus, light bus & trailer.

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