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Dubai Based Tanker Manufacturera Happy New Partner

Acorn Industries is one of the largest trailer and fuel tanker manufacturers in the U.A.E. The company manufactures a variety of tankers and trailers, including fuel tankers, chemical tankers, cement bulkers, curtain-side trailers, and many more. UK.

For such a manufacturer, quality and performance are two huge factors in deciding a tire partner, and Giti Tire has met their requirements in both areas.

“We are using TBR tires 315/80R22.5 GSR225 and 12.00R24 GT01 for more than 2 years as OE fitment on our trailers and tippers, and got excellent feedback from our customers. We look forward to using Giti Tire for other vehicle models also.”, said BS Mahesh, General Manager of Acorn Industries.

It is a great benefit to Giti Tire to have long-time industry leading partners, as well as new ones such as Acorn in regions throughout the world.

Implemented Tire


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Implemented Tire


Designed for truck that travels on short to medium distance, heavy duty on/off road operating condition.

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